More Than Just Thanksgiving

Thoughts on Giving Thanks

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, our thoughts shift to what and how much we are thankful.

But is Thanksgiving more than that? I would say yes. It is more than a moment of reflection. Thanksgiving has deep roots. It involves multiple generations, who endured, sacrificed, and persevered so that we might have the opportunity to live in our best, authentic selves.

If you really look at it, Thanksgiving is all about people. We gather to share a meal, stories, and smiles, to warm our hands over the fire and our hearts through connection. We engage in shared traditions while creating new ones. We look to the future while remembering those in our past; they are not forgotten.

We linger, living in these moments so entirely, relationships strengthening with each breath. The holiday becomes richer with no payment required except our presence.

Thanksgivings are not just a time to give thanks but to live in it wholeheartedly. A time to refuel our souls with gratitude for the beauty of each day, for health, for miracles large and small, and for the challenges we have met and those we have overcome.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the blessings we have received– for family, for friends, for strangers who are friends we just haven’t made yet, for connection near and far…

How incredible it is to have a day dedicated to being thankful.

I am in Gratitude for each and every one of You.

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