Workshops, Support and ADHD Education Available with Dr. Billi

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Adults With ADHD Workshop

Is There a Gap Between What You Can Do, Know You Should Do, Know How to Do, But Just Don’t Do? Learn How To Do It In A Way That Works For You!
This workshop is packed with tips and creative and well proven solutions addressing your own challenges. Get tools to help you manage the chaos that can be your life. You will go through situational exercises with real-life examples. You will take home tools, formulas and knowledge, and learn how to apply these in your life to overcome daily challenges. This is a small group with only 6-8 adults. It will be a continual monthly class that will address your greatest challenges weekly.

Managing Your Life With ADHD Workshop: From Juggle To Snuggle

Does your disorganized life make you feel like you will never get ahead? Is ADHD negatively affecting you or your child? Struggling to create and maintain a routine? Need to organize, get control, and stay organized? Do you feel helpless in dealing with ADD in your life? We are here to help! After attending our workshop, you will learn: how to find time for yourself, how to manage time and organize life, embrace your or your child’s ADHD or ADD, and various survival tools and strategies. You will walk away with more time to snuggle without the guilt. This workshop is both interactive and targeted towards YOUR personal needs. You owe yourself peace of mind.

New To ADHD: An Introductory Class For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Frustrated by Behavioral Issues? Disorganized? Chaos? School? Homework? In this class, you will learn about ADHD and its effect on your child, your family and more. Become an Expert by Learning from an Expert in ADHD! Help your child control their impulsivity, help them to manage their struggles and overcome their obstacles. Prepare your child to excel in school with the right tools.

When Words Are Not Enough: Advanced Class For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Get the tools you need to help you manage the chaos of your life! Dr. Billi will use expressive arts therapy techniques such as psychodrama, authentic movement, non-verbal communication, art therapy, life narrative and expressive strategies. You will go through situational exercises with real-life examples. At the end of the course, you will take home valuable tools, formulas and knowledge,and be able to apply these in your everyday life.