Validate and Express of Leverage ADHD System™

Validate yourself every day.

How are you already successful? In what areas do you shine? People often get bogged down by the negative side of ADHD, feeling ashamed or inadequate because of it. So much energy is wasted by these negative emotions. Instead, embrace your attributes. See how valuable you really are. Practice daily affirmations or find a mantra that helps you keep a positive outlook. Hang up visual reminders like quotes of lyrics or an inspiring poem. Surround yourself and your workspace with uplifting material that makes you feel good about yourself. And be kind to yourself, too. When you succeed in reaching goals, big or small, reward yourself.


Express your emotions.

How do you feel about yourself? What does having ADHD mean to you? Release your emotions in healthy ways. By this, I don’t only mean unleashing your feelings without any brakes. There are creative techniques that can help you regulate your emotions and set emotional goals for yourself. One of the most effective emotional exercises that I use with my clients is expressive arts therapy. Dance out your frustration, paint away your pain, write down your thoughts in a poem or story, sing aloud how you feel, or create a metaphor for yourself. All of these are examples of how expressive arts can heal emotions, release negativity, or generate inspiration. I also incorporate a lot of goal-setting exercises into my expressive arts therapy, such as rewriting your life story in a positive way or visualizing your future. The key is to envision the happiest, healthiest, version of yourself, and then map out the steps you need to take to get there.

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