The Story of Mary-Grace: Envisioning Success and Following Passions to Overcome Mental and Physical Barriers

This story stems from hope and encouragement, as well as the ability to overcome physical obstacles using mental, emotional, and cognitive strength. I had the privilege of being a part of Mary Grace’s support team about 18 months ago.

Mary-Grace Langhorne was confined to a wheelchair. Her lack of mobility was due to Dystonia, which is a severely negative reaction to medication, causing Mary-Grace to be bed-ridden and live with unbearable pain. Despite her circumstances, she followed her passions and won a local singing competition. She partnered her passions into her physical therapy and music therapy, which unleashed her vocal talents while rehabilitating. I am excited and astounded to share that Mary-Grace is now walking. With continued care, therapy, support, and positivity she hopes to rid herself of the wheel chair for life.

When reflecting on Mary-Grace’s story, I was flooded with feelings of inspiration. It amazed me how, despite physical limitations, her mental strength and outstanding intelligence aide in perseverance and removed some of the debilitating physical barriers she was faced with. Drawing from her strengths and passions, Mary-Grace remained determined to walk again.

What we can all learn from this courageous young lady is that the most important tool is to identify your strengths and visualize yourself doing the same routine with success over and over again, rather than repeating the same process that results in the same disappointments and failures. The more established your neural pathway becomes, the better your brain develops the neuro-connections. With more visualizations of success, the more established you will become to have confidence and belief in your abilities.  With ADHD you must picture the reward instead of the task—I have found this to be a strong motivational tool.

Envision your future with an emphasis on your personal strengths following your passions, do not focus on your weaknesses. This shift in focus will empower you to leverage your strengths and build upon them to eventually see past impairments and concentrate on the lifelong benefits your strengths provide. When you are able to change your attitude, you will be in control of your life and this enables balance and affirmation in your abilities.

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Watch Mary Grace’s story here.

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