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Dr. Billi is a well-versed and accomplished speaker with extensive international, nationwide and local speaking experience regarding ADHD, education, learning disorders and expressive arts therapy. She has appeared on local radio shows and has spoken at many local CHADD events in the San Fernando Valley.

Additionally, she has made guest appearances and recorded interviews for the ADHD Awareness Expo as well as the ADHD Telesummit, discussing her trademark LEVERAGE system for ADHD as well as sharing her inspiring personal journey with ADHD. Dr. Billi’s speaking style is both uplifting and inspiring – she has a unique gift of being able to connect with the audience on a personal level, since she has firsthand knowledge and personal experience with many of their struggles as a child, an adult, a professional and a parent with ADHD.

A sample of her speaking topics include:

  • A Roadmap for Successful ADHD Management: The LEVERAGE System
  • Bypassing Adolescents’ Resistance to ADHD Coaching: Movement and Play Strategies That Will Transform Un-Coachable Clients into Happy, Successful Young People
  • Setting the Stage for Successful ADHD Management with Expressive Arts Therapy: The AttentionB Method
  • Become the Chief Executive of Your Executive Functions
  • The Important Connection Between Emotions and Motivations for People with ADHD
  • My Personal Journey From ADHD to a Ph.D.
  • Expressive Arts Therapy as an Emotional Regulation Tool for ADHD
  • Eight Simple Steps to Leverage ADHD to Your ADDvantage
  • When Words Are Not Enough: Advanced Parenting Techniques for ADHD That Work!
  • Non-Verbal Communication as an Educational Tool to Enhance the Learning/Teaching Process for Teachers and Students
  • Overcoming Executive Function Deficits at School
  • Managing Your Life with ADHD: Juggle to Snuggle

Upcoming Speaking Events:

Join Dr. Billi

July 18, 2017 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern

When Nothing is Going Right: Go Within to Uplift and Shift Your Situation

This session will provide and illuminate ways all people living with ADHD, can take their destiny into their own hands and play an active role in creating the tomorrow they want- today.

While many of us know, we have special gift to offer the world, we often need a little support in making a plan and a reminder of how truly wonderful we are. Our paths can lead us to dark places where support seems too far away. What then?

Sometimes, nothing seems to be going right. You’re worried about your health, paying bills, your business/work, creating and sustaining meaningful relationships, and faced with other crucial decisions- how will you answer the door when life comes knocking?

During this session, I will guide you to see the positive power of your ADHD traits. Find out how to tap into and utilize your unique ADHD strengths to empower yourself to uplift and shift your situation.

ADHD traits can be seen as ‘challenges’ but they are actually your superpowers. By harnessing the magic of your creativity/impulsivity, hyper focus, etc. and honing in on your exact qualities and needs, you can navigate challenging situations with greater ease and positivity. I will provide you with specific strategies for using general traits associated with ADHD and tips on finding and focusing your qualities to uplift and shift challenging life situations.

When the sky seems dark- use your ADHD traits and strengths as stepping stones because sometimes all you need is to get a little further up the mountain to truly enjoy the view.

You are more powerful than you know. Unleash your inner power by tapping into your unique talents and traits and turn the darkness into light.