Seeing is Believing

lauren-mitchell-gymnastWhenever I work with clients who have ADHD on goal setting, one powerful tool that I use with them is visualization.

There is a region in the brain – the occipital lobe – that becomes activated when you visualize yourself performing an action. Once this area is activated, neural pathways are formed so that you remember the thought.

Drawing from my own past as a gymnast, before physically performing any routine, I’d rehearse it in my mind first. I’d see myself completing it successfully over and over.

If you visualize yourself doing the same routine with success again and again, the stronger and more established the neural pathway becomes, building confidence and belief in your abilities.

I use this same principle when working with my clients who have ADHD on setting goals. I ask them to not only visualize themselves successfully doing the action over and over, but also how they will look and feel once their goal is achieved.

This mental rehearsal reinforces their success in reality, so that when the time comes to perform, their brains are ready, willing and able. Plus, for people with ADHD, picturing the reward instead of just the task is a powerful motivational tool.

What kind of success do you visualize? 

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