"Reframe" and "Act" of the LEVERAGE ADHD System™

Reframe your attitude about ADHD

Rephrase and restructure the way you see yourself. If you’re constantly looking at ADHD as a prison sentence, it’s going to feel like one. The only way to successfully leverage ADHD is to look at how you can work with it; that means looking on the bright side of it.

As an entrepreneur, there are many attributes of ADHD that can help you succeed. For example, hyper-focus (the intense concentration on one task) can be a tremendous asset to someone like a computer programmer. The key is to understand what your strengths are and to realize that you can make them work for your business.


Act Now

Set goals and take action, even if your goals are micro-goals. You have to start somewhere, so start small. Build up your confidence and accountability by rewarding yourself. Don’t put off tasks because you don’t like them, instead, hire others whose strengths are your weaknesses.

Going back to the cooking metaphor, carrot cake and red velvet cake are two very different things, though some of their ingredients overlap such as butter, flour, and eggs. If you have everything to make a carrot cake, but want to make a red velvet cake, then you’re going to need to gather the missing ingredients. It’s the same principle with hiring others to fill in areas of your business where you’re missing important ingredients.

Know that you must work your way, and not the way others think you should work. Be free to be yourself, even if that means making phone calls at the beach or at the park while riding a bike. As an entrepreneur, there is no rulebook for how you should work. If it works for you, it works. In the LEVERAGE ADHD System™, you create your own rules and personal workflow for success.



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