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Be the chief executive of your executive functionsBe The Chief Executive Of Your Executive Functions

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Did you know many of the most successful and creative entrepreneurs have ADHD? Dr. Billi shares her LEVERAGE ADHD System, which teaches professionals how ADHD is a tremendous entrepreneurial asset, once you learn how to leverage it. This E-book details how to develop a personal roadmap for success by working with the personal strengths and interests you already have.

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MASTERING THE ART OF SUCCESSmastering the art of success

In today’s business world, success is an art form. You must continue to broaden your knowledge base to keep up with the latest trends, strategies and ideas to master the art of success.

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Roadmap to Success


To be successful in life we all need a detailed plan or set of instructions to guide us from where we are to where we want to go. This detailed plan is our roadmap and it allows us to organize our thinking so we can do what is necessary to reach our goals.

My Journey from AHD to PhD My Journey from ADHD to Ph.D.

As someone who’s successfully leveraged my ADHD traits to work in my favor, I hope that this book, and my life’s passion to help others with ADHD, will change the attitude of those on the outside. ADHD is in fact very real. My life’s purpose is that my story will help inspire those with ADHD to take action and achieve their own goals. The Foundation Bridge in the story exists in some shape or form for everyone. Whether it’s overcoming hurdles at school or at work, managing relationships or parenting, it’s not insurmountable. Just like me, you can find a way to overcome it.

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More ways to succeed with ADHDMore Ways to Succeed with ADHD

This 2013 edition of the #1 Amazon bestselling ADHD Awareness Book Project Series, entitled More Ways to Succeed with ADHD, continues with the tradition of asking ADHD experts to answer the question, “What is the most valuable tip or strategy you know of for succeeding with ADHD?” Over 40 ADHD professionals responded. Their brand new ADD-friendly, bite-sized tips are within these pages where you will find even more tips, strategies and resources that you’ve been looking for that will help YOU succeed with ADHD!

365+1 ways to succeed with ADHD365+1 WAYS TO SUCCEED WITH ADHD

An entirely new year’s worth of tips and strategies were amassed to offer you the second edition of the ADHD Awareness Book Project. Some of the world’s leading authors.

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