Previous Classes and Events

4th Annual Expressive Therapies Summit – New York City

On Saturday, November 9th at 2:30pm, in the heart of Times Square, Dr. Billi will host a session at the 4th Annual Expressive Therapies Summit about The Leverage ADHD System™: Turning Symptoms into Assets. The Leverage ADHD System™ advocates emotional regulation as one of the key factors to managing ADHD. Emotions are inexorably linked to behavior since they are at the core of motivation. Integrating the healing qualities of expressive therapies with the structure of CBT and co-active coaching, the Leverage ADHD System™ utilizes emotional regulation as a means of facilitating positive behavioral change by improving motivations, bypassing negative thinking, and boosting self-efficacy, all of which set the stage for successful ADHD management. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how expressive therapies are a natural fit for the traits of patients with ADHD—visual, kinesthetic, and highly creative. Going through the 8 stages of the Leverage ADHD System™ (Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, Explore), participants will discover how to tailor existing expressive therapy modalities specifically for the ADHD patient population to transform ADHD impairments into valuable assets.

ADDA Webinar – The Leverage ADHD System: Turning Symptoms Into Assets

On October 30th at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST), Dr. Billi will host a FREE webinar for ADDA and will be discussing the Leverage ADHD System™. Navigating the vast array of ADHD coaching strategies and techniques can be overwhelming for people with ADHD. Having too many choices can leave many of us running in circles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline your ADHD management plan? Dr. Billi will explain how the LEVERAGE ADHD system™ does that for you. Using the uplifting and easy-to-remember acronym of LEVERAGE, this powerful self-coaching tool breaks down ADHD management into 8 efficient stages consisting of Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, and Explore. It is designed to help you discover the power of your own internal motivations, reframe any negative associations or stigmas you may have of ADHD, transform your ADHD symptoms into valuable assets, and leverage your individual strengths and interests to your fullest ADDvantage.

ADDA’s 14th International Adult ADHD Conference 

Dr. Billi is thrilled to announce she will be hosting a workshop at the upcoming ADDA Conference in Detroit this summer. Her workshop, “The Power of Creativity: Overcome your ADHD Obstacles Using Expressive Arts,” will take participants on a creative journey that will help them identify, analyze, reframe and overcome one of their most pressing ADHD obstacles. She is looking forward to sharing some of her most creative tools and coaching strategies with the Adult ADHD community. The conference will take place July 18-21 at the Detroit Marriott – Dr. Billi’s session is scheduled for Friday, July 19th at 10:30 AM.  Don’t miss out on this conference – it’s an amazing resource for the community to come together, share and learn. And that’s not all, ADDA is offering a FREE Pre-Conference Webinar, so you can preview some of the speakers and topics lined up for the conference. Dr. Billi will be appearing on the webinar panel, which is scheduled for June 12th 8:30-10:00 PM EDT.

When Words Are Not Enough: Advanced Class For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Get tools to help you manage the chaos that can be your life! You will go through situational exercises with true-­life examples. You will take home tools, formulas, knowledge and how to apply these in your everyday life. Dr. Billi will use expressive arts therapy techniques: psychodrama, movement, non-verbal communication, art therapy, life narrative and expressive strategies.

New To ADHD: An Introductory Class For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Frustrated by Behavioral Issues? Disorganized? Chaos? School? Homework? In this class you will learn about ADHD and its effect on your child, your family and more. Become an Expert by Learning from an Expert in ADHD! Help your child control their impulsivity, help them to manage their struggles and overcome their obstacles. Help your child excel in school with the right tools.

Adults With ADHD

Is There a Gap Between What You Can Do, Know You Should Do, Know How to Do but Just Don’t Do It? LEARN HOW TO DO IT IN A WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU! This workshop is packed with tips, creative and well proven solutions, addressing your own challenges. Get tools to help you manage the chaos that can be your life. You will go through situational exercises with true-life examples. You will take home tools, formulas, knowledge and learn how to apply these in your life to overcome daily challenges. This is a small group with only 6-8 adults.  This will be a continual monthly class that will address your greatest challenges weekly.

Managing Your Life With ADHD: From Juggle To Snuggle

Does your disorganized life make you feel like you will never get ahead?  Is ADD negatively affecting you or your child?  Struggling to create and maintain a routine?  Need to organize, get control, and stay organized?  Do you feel helpless in dealing with ADD in your life?  We are here to help!  After attending our workshop, you will learn: how to find time for yourself, how to manage time and organize life, embrace you or your child’s ADHD or ADD and various survival tools and strategies.  You will walk away with more time to snuggle without the guilt. This workshop is both interactive and targeted towards YOUR personal needs. You owe yourself peace of mind.