"Learn" & "Evaluate" of the Leverage ADHD System™

With spring in the air and flowers blossoming on the ground, I was inspired to share with you my Leverage ADHD System™ to help yourself flourish. The LEVERAGE system includes: Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, Explore. This month I will go over the first two components of the system—how to learn about your traits and evaluate how they are useful.


Learn about yourself and the unique combination of your ADHD. Know how your brain works and look at it from a positive prospective. Understand how ADHD affects the various realms of your life. How does it affect the way you work? How does the way you work affect others?

Educate yourself about the various types of ADHD. Get formal assessment if you feel that you need it. Attend classes, support groups, training, and so on. Read books and listen to audio books about ADHD. Share your experiences in an online ADHD community, and listen to others who have shared similar struggles.

Knowledge is power. By learning more about ADHD and understanding how your brain works, you will be more equipped to take charge of your ADHD, instead of letting it take charge of your life or business. You will be in control.



After you have a firm understanding of yourself and your ADHD, you can begin to evaluate your own unique ADHD traits. Take an inventory of your personal strengths and weaknesses. In what areas of your business do you excel? What are your passions? What gets you excited and motivated? You also need to evaluate what holds you back from reaching your peak potential. What do you find frustrating, bored, or tedious? What makes you procrastinate?

This step is known as Metacognition—thinking about your own thinking. Essentially, it’s like taking a bird’s eye view of yourself—seeing yourself as an outside observer. Think of your ADHD in terms of cooking a recipe. If you already have all the ingredients at hand to make a carrot cake, why attempt to make a red velvet cake when it would require you to make a grocery list, run out to the store, and buy a lot of cake items you don’t already have? It’s the same with ADHD—you are the “carrot cake.” Know what you already have to work with and learn how to use it.

By honestly and thoroughly evaluating yourself and the way you work, you can see what areas of your business need to be readjusted, what you need to delegate to others, and where you can focus on shining.

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