ADHD Strategy: Winding Down Between Your Worlds

Many of us dwell in various worlds throughout the day. For example, some of us might go from the “parent” world in the morning to the “professional” world at work. Some of us go from the “spouse” world at home to the “friend” world on weekends.
Going from world to world can be bumpy sometimes. We tend to carry over residual feelings (like a hard day at the office or a hectic morning with the kids) from one world to the other. To avoid this, allow yourself some time to unwind in between your worlds.
For example, on the way home from work, put on music for a few minutes that changes your frame of mind, relaxes or energizes you before you get home. Or before going to work, take a few minutes of quiet time to yourself. Allow your mind and body to shift from one world to the other as you breathe and exhale.
This helps you to be more present and focused in each moment and not carry around the entire day’s stressors with you.