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Busy Mom? Devoted Wife? Hardworking Professional?

Do you fear that everything you’re juggling will come crashing down?
Do you worry that you will disappoint the people you care most about?

It’s hard enough being any one of the above titles. But as women, we are often tasked with having to fill a wide range of roles and juggle many different responsibilities. ADHD can definitely complicate the picture. Please know there are solutions to help you restore balance and harmony in your life. Women’s issues and related co-morbidities to ADHD such as eating disorders are my passion and areas of expertise. Plus I have firsthand experience as a fellow juggler, being an Adult, Parent, and Professional with ADHD. Together we will tailor a system to help you manage the various realms of your life successfully.

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After years of struggling with self-image, I had come to the conclusion that I am simply a lazy, unreliable person and should just accept that and learn to live with it. Then Dr. Billi told me that my fate is not yet decided. With Dr. Billi’s help, I’ve started to conquer the ADHD demon that has been plaguing me.