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Did you know many of the most successful and creative entrepreneurs have ADHD?

Are you curious about how they were able to manage their impulsivity, disorganization or inattention?
Are you ready to leverage the motivation and imagination that comes with ADHD to thrive in your business?

My knowledge and experience shows that ADHD is a tremendous asset to professionals and entrepreneurs, once you learn how to leverage it.

Creativity, innovation, thinking outside the box … the very traits that held you back in your childhood can be of huge benefit to you in your professional life.

In our coaching sessions, we will work together to develop a workflow that’s personally tailored to suit your needs—one that enhances your strengths and interests and takes into consideration your ADHD impairments – and you will quickly discover that your dream job is entirely within reach.

As an LAUSD Special Education district employee, I have worked for the past couple of years with Dr. Billi to observe her many capacities in the areas of education and behavior. Working with her at the Educational Therapist’s conference demonstrated her skillful interfacing with other professionals and her unique interdisciplinary educational background. In any setting, Dr. Billi is an effective educator with her professionalism and personable teaching style.