Coaching & Therapy for ADHD

Let’s face it, ADHD can make life difficult…
only if you let it.

I know and I will show you how ADHD is a tremendous asset once you learn how to leverage it.



As a Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and certified Co-active ADHD Coach with over 35 years experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds, I can help you discover the positive side of your ADHD. We will work together to understand your specific executive function impairments, figure out how to get your motivational wheels turning, and put your strengths and interests to work for you.

Our coaching relationship will be one of openness and flexibility.  For example, if medication is (or isn’t) part of your existing regimen, then we’ll make a plan based on what you want and need. I act as a resource to provide you with practical tools, techniques and guidance to not only manage your ADHD but also leverage it to your ADDvantage.

Above all, I encourage, support and believe in you and your ability to create the life you want.

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Discover how you can LEVERAGE ADHD to Your ADDvantage™!

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What Professionals & Clients Are Saying:


I have not only seen parts of my business starting to improve, but also my personal and family life. You get a major head start with Dr. Billi because she “gets it” right off the start. If you’re looking for someone to coach you on the business or personal side, do yourself a favor and give her a try. And if you do try her services, follow her instructions and you’ll see immediate results.

Jeff N. / Los Angeles, CA

For me, Dr. Billi’s approach is unique in that it addresses my unique self. She has lots of tools in her toolbox from which to choose. Each session is a discovery of a different way of looking at the same life dilemma.
Her techniques leave me with something to grapple with, something to relish, something to apply.

R.W. / Los Angeles, CA

I have found Dr. Billi’s LEVERAGE ADHD™ System to be both accessible and effective.
The information is presented in bit sized pieces and is easily digestible.
I am very happy to have met Dr. Billi, and have achieve greater effectiveness, both professionally and personally, through her LEVERAGE ADHD ™ System and coaching.

R.R. / Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Billi gave me the tools and strategies I needed to make positive changes in my life. Within 3 sessions of CBT and Expressive Arts ADHD Coaching I began to see major changes, and improvements in the way I was leading my life. I feel better and better with each passing day. I finally feel like my life is running the way it should.

Shawn S. / Tarzana, CA